Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Texans have landed.

The Texans have landed, but I haven't uploaded any pictures yet, so here are some goldie oldies for you to gaze upon.

Emora likes to try to write her name. I can hold the pen to steady her and she gets it somewhat. She makes pretty good Es, but they have 6 lines across instead of 3.

The kids decided we needed a walking and driving tour of Fort Qu'Appelle today, then they added a hike to it by running down a long hill that was not anywhere near our van.

Tomorrow Brian heads out for his stick seminar in Vancouver, so we are taking him into the city and as a bonus we get to go grocery shopping (blah) and SWIMMING!!!! YIPEE! I'm so thankful to all you teachers for being on strike and giving us a couple of days off from school. If you should feel so inclined to cancel another day, Monday would be great!


Kimberley said...

I think that you are the only parent who is grateful for a teacher's strike. I'm sure the break has been nice, but hopefully they go back to work soon Enjoy your visit!

Ian said...

Outdoor picnics are always fun.