Saturday, May 21, 2011

planting season is here!!!

We planted trees today, so that was quite exciting. Brian loves trees and although we moved to one of the most beautiful places I've been, our street has very few trees and our yard only one crooked pine tree. We were given a couple of pine trees when we paid our bills last month- weird, I know, but Brian really wanted leaf trees so we got three today... a mountain ash (we planted in the front yard), a weeping birch and a white birch. It was a little tricky because in the front yard, I didn't want anything to obscure our view of the hills and we have a HUGE driveway where nothing can be planted obviously. In the back yard, we are leaving room for a play structure and garden, another possible spot had power lines going over it, but we planted the two leaf trees in front of the garage and the pine trees along the fence. They are just little twigs and some day they may try to be in the space for the play structure, but by then I'm pretty sure the kids will have grown out of swings and slides! We also planted some herbs in pots (I hope to bring them in and keep them alive in the winter) and some flower seeds. I'm really hoping we can get a bit of a garden in this year too, both for the fun of growing and also because produce here is insanely expensive!

Some weeks back the kids and I got to visit the science center in Regina with a friend. This display made me the happiest because it affirmed to me that all the work and money that went into our basement renos were worth it. You could feel the difference in heat and cold with a poorly insulated and well insulated wall and it was a big difference!

Dominique showed us she knows how to build too.

This dinosaur dig reminded us of seeing the real dinosaur tracks in Texas. That is one of my favorite memories of our time there. There was something very eerie and connecting to walk on land you know without a doubt was walked on by dinosaurs!

Nana and Papa are on the road now to come visit and as a bonus, Ivan's teacher (along with all those in the province) are on strike 2 days this week- which means we will get more days "off" with them. Unfortunately Brian's stick seminar corresponds with their stay. He is off this coming weekend to Vancouver, so they won't get to see him as much as the rest of us.


GMS said...

Trees are great! The one next to our house my Mom planted & it is taller than the 2 story house now.
How long will Nana & Papa get to stay?
Hope it stays warm for them.

Angela said...

Nana and Papa will be here a week. They drove up, so that is chewing up some of their time off, but they got to see some new parts of the country.