Friday, May 27, 2011

Wearing them out?

Yesterday we had a monsterously huge day. Thankfully school was out! We took Brian to the airport, got lunch, Walmart, Superstore, videos at the library and swimming before coming home for supper, going to soccer practice and crashing at home! Brian arrived safely in Vancouver and was waiting on a ferry last I talked to him.

Today is rainy and calmer, I think we are in recovery mode!

Here is a funny scenario I overheard last week. Dominique, Fiorella and Ivan decided to play charades. Did you know that guessing what kids are in charades is actually extremely hard, maybe even impossible? They are just much too creative and imaginative for adult minds!

Dominique was rolling on the floor.
Ivan-- "Are you a tire?"
Dominique (while laughing hilariously) "No, I'm a person being rolled up" (she had to repeat this twice because no one could understand her through her raucous laughter)
Ivan-- "oh, like a person being rolled up in a rug?" Ivan asks in all seriousness, like this happens everyday.
Dominique-- "yeah!"


Ian said...

Wearing out the kids or the grands?

GMS said...

Probably both, right?