Thursday, May 12, 2011

Curtains in the basement.

In order to make up for the boring material in this post, I added videos, (already posted on facebook) in case you don't do facebook.

These are the curtains I made. These ones are in the guest room.

I kind of messed up in that they didn't wrap around the sides, so I put a couple of long straps to come from the side and tie it back. Unconventional for sure, but that's nothing new for me!!

This is in Ivan's room.

The living room.

Dominique's room. I think hers turned out the nicest. I had plenty of material bought, but then decided to double it to make them a little better at keeping light out. Then it was just barely too small for the window. And I realized that it was pink on pink, so I found some purple remnant at the dollar store and used it for trim and straps.

Ivan playing goal in soccer.

Dominique reading a book about animals using the potty.

Egg hunt.

"Be nice bad guys"


Ian said...

I'm glad that you could interpret what Emora said!

GMS said...

Love it all, the curtains and the videos. You do a tremendous job with it all.