Friday, May 06, 2011


Emora cracks me up sometimes.

She was requesting milk. She said: "I want nilk- not hot" then thought a minute and said "ACTUALLY hot". I about fell off the couch laughing. I asked her did you say "actually" and she repeated "actually hot".

She is growing up so fast. She wants to do things on her own and sometimes we have some mighty wrestles. She wants to dress herself, but isn't able to do it yet, but oh man, if I help, she does not like it at times! The other day we are in the store, it's about 20 C outside (80 or so fareinheit) and she wanted to wear a scarf and mitts. I convinced her out of the mitts, but let her wear the scarf. So when some grandmothers in the store saw her, I felt I had to explain: "She's two and wanted to wear a scarf and sometimes you just have to pick the battles. I did convince her out of mitts though". The ladies laughed and told me "Oh, I've lived through that too, hang in there". It was nice to remember that this war for independence is a dance that has occurred for countless generations.

She was ACTUALLY about to send me to the loony bin. She'd woken me up in the wee hours of the night 4 nights in a row and since the big kids are no longer in her room, I am trying to break her of coming into mine. I've laid with her in her little toddler bed too many nights and decided the solution could be a night light. I got one and Ivan insisted on opening it, so I gave him instructions to plug it into Emora's wall. That night, after a long day and cleaning the bank and yearning for sleep, I go to turn on the light that has disappeared. I searched the house, tried to wake Ivan and angrily demand where he put it, brought Brian into the search and wake up Ivan session. Finally, we were able to wake Ivan out of the deepest sleep and he was able to tell me he'd plugged it in to Dominique's wall. All ended well, I got it into Emora's room. She slept through the night and was all excited about her light this morning! Ah, peace ;)

Ivan slept deeply once again and laughed as we told him about how hard it was to wake him last night.

Dominique just asked if she could have real sugar in her toy tea set! Silly goof. I know she'd just eat it out of there or make a mess, probably both.

Better get them to bed. They have their first soccer games tomorrow in Southey, about an hour away. Excitement!!-- so fun.


Ian said...

When Andrew would climb out of his crib night after night to join us in bed we finally put a lock on the door. The next two mornings we found him asleep on the floor in front of our door. After that he quit and stayed in his own bed.

Ian said...

When I blew up the picture of Emora pointing while on the front step, I noticed the reflection of you with your camera in the screen door window.

GMS said...

True, Ian. I see it too. Can't believe she's in bare feet outside. Sounds like quite the exciting life you lead. One thing after another.

jenn with two n's said...

Immy was thrilled that Emora is wearing the flower clip we made! I love seeing that jacket and boots being put to good use! We've been having some interesting nights off and on too. Love you.