Monday, May 16, 2011

Tis the season

Ivan and Dominique are both in soccer and really enjoying it. It is way more intense than last year. Last year, there were no goalies, barely any of the kids had a clue about how to play and they picked who went on field by picking the kids NOT crying on the side. Here, most of the kids know what they are doing and it's pretty aggressive. At Ivan's level they also play with goalies. They switch sides half way through too. It's pretty exciting and we are all meeting new people, so that is half the benefit for us.

Another added bonus is to sometimes have a ready excuse to sit out in the sun half the day. This weekend, our game was here and the day was beautiful. Ivan and Dominique play one after the other and it so happened that their cousin played next, so we stayed and watched her game and visited with my cousin for another hour.

Emora seems to enjoy it too. The girl just loves to get out.

Other times, like practices are not so fun. Somehow it is always cold, windy and miserable. Every time I get out there I wish I'd pulled out my winter coat instead of just layered.

This weekend, I got to see a play that my cousin's daughter helped write and was in. She was in a theater group for young people this year. That was lots of fun, especially since I got to go without my kids!! Yep, I even ate out without cutting up anyone's meal or having to entertain until the food arrived.


Nana said...

Wow, I didn't Ivan had those moves!! Can't wait to see those in person.

Ian said...

Is that a trick move that Ivan is doing?

GMS said...

How long does the season last?
We may miss it.

Angela said...

sorry grandma Sue, the season is super short. They only have 6 games over 2 months.