Thursday, October 02, 2008

precious little ears

I have to give a title to this pic. It's called "accident waiting to happen". 2 toddlers, a dog, a laptop and 2 men with beers. Amazingly nothing was broken or spilled.

Now that Caleb is in pre-K on Tuesdays I have been able to take the other 3 out to see the town. OK, so mostly we go to the park and library reading time, but it is a breath of fresh air for us to get out of the house and do something different. My kids have really impressed me at how grown up and responsible they are becoming. Maybe it has something to do with having a younger one in tow, they figure they have to be little caregivers too.

Of course Dominique can not help but let her freesoaring spirit shine through. I told her to smile for the camera, and just look at what I got! Someone tell her that that is rude. But not just yet, gotta get her picture first. I mean she's still so cute!

I am not very dilligent at using French with the kids, but I try to talk to them from time to time in my second language. I integrate it the most often as we read stories at night time. Dominique's favorite book this week is one on colors, so I thought that's a good one to use French with. She's got me figured out though and is not to happy with my language teaching efforts. She now pulls out the book and says "no French. That hurts my ears!" Apparently she is highly sensitive to foreign languages. Ivan used to be like that, but Dora has saved the day with him. He looked at the colors and said "red is rojo and yellow is amarillo- that's what Dora calls them". Then Dominique slowly gets into the game and is shouting out "amarillo" and "rouge" with the rest of us. To tell you the truth I remembered hating learning French for the first oh.... 3 or 4 or 9 years or so too.

Haven't asked a question in ages.... what is your favorite free thing to do in your city/town? (maybe I'll get an idea and expand our horizons)


Ian said...

Favourite free fun things to do in Saskatoon in the summer:
1. canoe down the S. Saskatchewan R.
2. walk, or bike the Mewasin Trail
3. visit the Mendal Art Gallery
4. bike along Saskatchewan Cres.
5. pick saskatoons or chokecherries
In the winter:
1. toboggan at various sites
2. ice skate at the Spadina rink
3. tour the museums at the U of S.
Is this enough?

Olivia said...

I LOVE that silly girl. She is the best face maker ever! I love to go out to Ft. Phantom. The actual fort is so neat and beautiful. The only thing to make sure of though, is that you bring Brian with you and keep an eye on the kids because sometimes there are snakes. They only mow 2 times a year. The lake part is kind of fun too. There are places to grill out there. ArtWalk is fun too. I know you guys made it when I was up at the CCA show. Sometimes Bry and I go to Lowes with Gracey and just run around, same with the colleges. Gracey comes inside with us and runs as fast as she can. It is SO funny to me. Also, the Drive-In! I can't tell you how fun it is to me. You get 2 movies for the price of one and the kids can play around...ball, frisbee, football. We borrow a truck and put tons and tons of pillows in the back, blankets, snacks, and a cuddling Gracey dog. It is really cool to do and they have some seriously yummy fried-ice-cream. The trick is to go when a good movie is playing because sometimes there are not worth seeing.

Love you so much. Thanks for being there for me. You're a great friend.

armacleod said...

Walk along Cranberry flats where there are so many chokecherries but no cranberries... Mewasin trail... oh wait. Dad beat me to that one. Walk the Mendal Art gallery. Picnic in the many parks with footballs or Frisbees. The various farmer's markets. Obviously the produce and products are not free, but it is free to visit. (Andrea and I met the Mayor of Saskatoon when she was here.)

Andrea said...

Uhhh, that's a tough one to ask.

Walk the park.
Inline skate around the lake with a friend.
Sit in the garden and talk,drink, grill. (The food is not for free but you have to eat anyway so you can combine that with people you like.)
Play various games (card games, board games or you kids can come up with one.)

Ok, looks like I run out of ideas. Most of the time you have to pay unfortunately...

But, thinking of fall and I am sure you thought the same. If the kids are patient enough you go out and collect leaves and nuts, take them home and use them to make pictures or animals. We used to take nuts and matches and make deer and such things out of them.