Monday, October 13, 2008

cutie petuties

Went to the Dr. today and everything is good. I have to go do the gestational diabetes test that they test everyone for at this stage, so I need to wedge that in some time this week. I really do like my Dr. It's always reassuring to see her. Plus I am relieved of my parenting duties mid afternoon, giving me a shorter work day. I have to sit in a waiting room for an hour or more, but I take a journal and it's just peaceful quiet. I'm glad everything has gone so well and that I have such normal pregnancies!

Ivan decided he was ready to hurdle many milestones all in one evening. He bathed himself (with some help getting the water on and such), he dried himself, clothed himself, brushed his hair (with some success), and learned to catch tonight. He was quite pleased with all his accomplishments, but most of all with the catching. Dominique thinks she learned to catch tonight too, because she thinks she learns everything at the same rate as big brother (and she is doing some of that), but her catching is still fluke and the skill of mom to launch the item into her outstretched arms. Ivan was actually anticipating the objects trajectory and throwing his arms out to catch it. You should have seen the delight in his eyes! It was truly beautiful.


Lin said...

They look so cute and Wow Ivan is growing up! We need to coincide our holidays so that I can meet these genius children :-) When are you guys going to make the trip up? Probably the same time I make it down? lol! Well keep making beautiful babies and someday we will all meet (in the middle)

Ian said...

Congratulations to Ivan on learning to catch. Maybe the weather at Christmas will be nice enough to throw a ball around.

Nana said...

Ian, get your pitching arm ready because the weather is usually still pretty good for outdoor activities. Ivan is truly growing up.