Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jumpy castle mania

These are from a while back. Some genius opened a jumpy castle play place that doesn't cost a whole lot and the public is welcome to let the kids play all day and bring their own snacks. It has an area for the smaller kids and about 5 big jumpy castles with mazes. The only scary moment was when a lady brought me crying Dominique who had gotten stuck between two blow up pillars in a maze. She said it had happened to her child too, that at her size, when the big kids go through, she slipped into a spot that shrunk when the big kid moved off, leaving her sandwiched. It was really hard to hear if someone was crying and if so where since the castles all made blowing air noises. As you can tell, Dominique was not deterred from her episode of being trapped as she jumped right back to them. Remember little Isaiah who had his bouts with meningitis? He now has a hearing aid and cochlear implant and is doing great.


Ian said...

looks like fun.

GMS said...

Great to hear the good news about Isaiah!!