Sunday, October 19, 2008

Turning 4 and more

We survived another boy birthday party. We celebrated Ivan's 4th year (which is officially tomorrow) on Sat. with tons of friends and neighbors.

Sweetest moments: when an elderly neighbor across the alley brought a gift and put it over the fence because she was so touched by Ivan inviting her when he saw her taking out the trash last week & Ivan letting Caleb hit the pinata first.

Worst moment: Ivan's crying fit when he didn't get a (second) turn at a game. (A lot of the kids didn't even get one turn).

Funniest moment: When the train pinata crashed and the bag of candy was still hanging up in the tree (I found candy in the tree the next morning too).

We had train themed everything: tattoos, craft (bandana painting), games, cake and pinata. Little mister organized picked his Thomas the train theme after his birthday last year. He also has the next 3 years planned out: #5 lightning McQueen, #6 Mator, and a house party #7. He got toys that they have played with all day long (THEY DIDN'T EVEN BEG ME TO PUT ON VIDEOS TODAY!!!), winter clothes (yeah, yeah), money (how can a 4 year old already be excited about money?) and his equipment to build a house. Yep, he now has a real hammer, some chalk, tool belt, hammer, gloves and he is busy building a house. Half the day was spent out at the shed with dad pounding the first nail into a board. His dad put about 8 nails in a board and Ivan is still working on the first one, but he tells me it's a house. Good thing we have the back up one we are living in now until this new one is built. It could take a while.

We all had so much fun, despite the fact that I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk today, but a lot of heat, massage, rest and a warm bath has me back to my waddling, but not in unbearable pain pregnant self.

PS. the more is my mystery age, which is celebrated the same day as Ivan. One the coolest memories I have is when I gave birth to Ivan in the hospital on my birthday with my mom there. It dawned on me that 31 years earlier, she had given birth to me, her first and now she was there while I gave birth to my first. It was touching to both experience such an incredible journey into motherhood while knowing my parents had had a similar experience with me, the same day, decades earlier.


Davis Family said...

Your birthday parties are way more ambitious than ours. I believe in setting the bar really low now and hoping it will stay there later. Lazy son of a gun eh?
Congrats on getting through it, I bet Ivan was thrilled.

trish said...

Happy birthday to you both! We had a nice Saturday doing football with Nash and later Nash and I went on a date to the movies.

Kimberley said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

The train and pinata looked great! It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun.

Has Ivan ever said if he will reciprocate and throw you an elaborate party one day?

Andrea said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! As I can see you all had a good time. And once again, Mom was very creative. Go mommy! Enjoy the rest of the day.

Love ya'll.

Olivia said...

That was SO fun. You did a great job. I love you and I am so glad I know you. I hope you're having a great day...Tighe and I have something special for you, sorry we didn't get it over to you today. But we will get it to you soon. Love you!

Anonymous said...

You sure throw great parties!


nana said...

Well so much for a "small" party! I just knew you couldn't keep the size small. The pinata looks similar to a Halloween costume I saw last year. I'm not surprised that he has already decided the themes for the next 3 years. I sure hope mommy got to enjoy her birthday with a little rest and relaxation. Happy birthday again to both of you. Love you

GMS said...

Looks like a REALLY great party.
Wish we could have been there this year, but hoping for Meme's #3 next year.