Friday, October 24, 2008

Most of these pics are from a month ago at artwalk. Artwalk is fun, but we don't always get to go since I teach water aerobics the night it is on. This time Brian was playing and we were doing my class early, so it all worked out for us to go. For those of you who have never heard Brian or haven't in a long time, I'm posting videos of a couple songs. He is playing the Chapman Stick, a two handed tap instrument, with guitar and base strings that you touch to play, using a similar technique as you would on the piano. We watched him, then went to our 2 favorite museums. The first had paintings and photography and the next had various exhibits. Last of all we visit the children's museum (if we went there first we'd never get to the other exhibits).

It was funny since one of the displays was of aprons. I know they used to be an indispensable part of a woman's wardrobe. The volunteer at the museum said that one reason was that the ladies did not have a lot of clothes, so they couldn't get what they were wearing dirty. Maybe I just have lower standards. I have plenty of clothes, but I just keep wearing it when it gets dirty. I mean you know how many spots and spills and dirty handmarks and my clumsy pregnant belly catching gets me dirty everyday? And that's not counting the days we paint or do something intentionally messy! I don't even own an apron and I'm sure I'd never wear one if I did. They sound hot. So, do you have an apron?

The kids' favorite part of the children's museum is the ambulance vehicle, as you can see. They were so cute!

This picture was funny because Saba was just waiting for Dominique to spill something, which of course she did.

last little tidbit... I've been noticing lately how incredibly clumsy Dominique is. She's naturally pretty athletic, but her feet get out ahead of her pretty often when she is walking, running off or dancing. Half the day her crying is about unintentional self-inflicted wounding. Poor girl!


GMS said...

No, to an apron.
Great pics, as usual.
Too bad someone walked right in front of Brian when he was playing. I always did like that song. Got a kick out of the head movements.

Ian said...

Even your Uncle Cecil wore an apron when he was helping out with breakfast. It said, "Sometimes I wake up Grumpy; and sometimes I let her sleep!"

Andrea said...

Aprons are great of the kitchen. Baking or cooking, I do wear it but it has to be a full front one, if you get what I mean.

I think Dominique is growing again, developing more strength ans thus has problems to control that. I hope she will figure it out soon.

Nana said...

Aprons, sometimes I do sometimes I don't. It depends on how big of a job I'm involved in and if I'm in regular clothes. If I'm still in my uniform I for sure don't wear one. I do like to see the old sitcoms an see the mothers working in the kitchen with an apron on. My mom and the other women in my childhood memories usually always wore aprons.