Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our new names

A few days ago Dominique started calling her daddy "honey". "Can you get me a napkin honey? Bye honey." ring from her little lips. Now she has started calling me "Angela". "Um... Um... Angela, Ivan is hitting me"

I guess I call Brian "honey" a lot and he calls me "Angela". The little turkey. Ivan has always called us mommy and daddy and so had she until this new un-improvement.

I keep treasuring Ivan's blatant affection these days. He often tells us he loves us, liberally gives out kisses and includes the baby too. She averages about 3-5 "I love you baby" with accompanying belly kiss each day. He loves to be a care giver and helped put the dishes in the dishwasher tonight. I'm treasuring these moments and telling him how much I appreciate his love and help, both in the hopes of prolonging this behavior as long as possible and also with the sneaking suspicion that it won't last forever.

Ivan's prayer cracked me up last night. He said: "Lord give me courage and give Dominique gentleness, kindness, goodness and faithfulness and help her to stop hitting me and kicking me like she is now..." (She was indeed hitting and kicking him).

My water aerobic class is hanging on by a thread. This time of year it always gets really small with thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, but they are also changing the requirements and my current regulars are all due by Dec.1st. Before, the class cost about 2 bucks a session and the ladies used a punch card, so they were never penalized for missing a class, now the YMCA is wanting them to get memberships. But I found out it is not all that expensive. My class is also open to non pregnant ladies- so if you live in Abilene and want to have some fun exercise come to my class!!! I need some people and only get paid if people show up (sigh), plus, then I'll get to see you regularly and you'll be helping me escape the mayhem of the house to enjoy the effects of the water and adult interaction twice a week! OK, so there's my sales pitch. How did I do? ha, ha.

Question: do you have a special term of endearment for your loved one(s)?


jenn with two n's said...

I don't know how many times I laughed through this post! I loved reading about Ivan's love and his prayer was priceless. Dominique is quite the ham with her, "Honey" and Angela" remarks. You know I'd be taking your class if I were there right? I've started back at judo once a week, go swimming with Imogen once a week and started a mommies and babies salsa class. It feels good to move. Love you and yours!
Auntie Jenn

GMS said...

When I first read the title, I thought maybe you would be giving out hints on baby names, not new names for Mommy & Daddy.
I think I just tend to call everyone by their given name.

Anonymous said...

I remember a certain little girl as soon as she could talk she would call her parents by their first name. So that is call pay back time . What goes around comes around. Love it mom.

Andrea said...

I love Dominique saying that you were wrong about the Elephant and that it was a Polar Bear. That is priceless!
I assume you should tell her that she only can call you mommy/mom and if she calls you any other name you wont react. (Same with Brian of course.)

To Jenn, there is a mom and baby salsa class? Ok, you guys are weird in Canada. It's offical now! ;) *love ya*

Heather said...

Special term of endearment for my loved ones? It is sweet love - I think it's a variation of sweet pea which is what my mom used to call me.

By the way love the Hallowe'en costumes!!