Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A not too recent trip to the park

Caleb goes to preK on Tues., so that means I only have 3 kids that day, which means we can go somewhere before naps. So far we've just hit parks and reading library time, but that has been quite fun. Dominique was the first one to initiate the swinging by the way. Notice in the video how Micah tries to imitate her. I think that was so totally cute. I'm looking forward to not having the boys because it will make things easier and simpler, but at the same time we've gotten pretty attached to them. Ivan keeps saying how Caleb is his best friend. It'll have been a year since we met them and I started keeping them. That is a big chunk of their lives when they are only 1, 2 and 4 years old!

Today we went to another park and I got to visit with a friend while we were there. The park is up on "the hill", which is an area of town slightly higher than the rest. The park is surrounded by trees and Ivan kept asking if we were in the rain forest. I kept telling him "no", but he was not convinced. Brian told him there were important things missing, like rain and a forest.

My baby is doing well and so is Dominique's. I told you she is "expecting" right? Yeah, she shows me her belly and tells me she has a baby and that the baby is moving and kicking. She says the baby is a girl and that her name is "Lily" (Isaiah's little sister's name). It seems she is more prepared than we are as we are again undecided for a name- sigh.

I better go see what the twosome is up to. They were told to clean up Ivan's room and so far they have thrown dirt clumps at the computer and brought me two destroyed art projects. I don't think the blocks are picked up either!


Ian said...

Dominique looks like she could take on the world.

GMS said...

I agree,
Ivan, on the other hand, kinda
thinks things over first.