Friday, September 26, 2008

fall better hurry up and come

OK, so it's still hot here and everyone is talking about the wonders of fall. That is one of the things I like least here, there aren't really seasons. The leaves don't change much, just fall off or turn brown and fall off. The weather is getting nicer some days and I know the cool weather is coming, but it needs to hurry up because I'm quickly growing out of my summer clothes. I had to put up two more pairs of shorts last week and I have another that I'm scared to even try. My tank tops are getting shorter and shorter so that I can no longer wear most of them. I have plenty of fall/winter clothes that will work with my expanding belly (thanks to Jenn also), but the weather needs to cool considerably for me to wear them, especially considering the fact that my body temp. is already a little warmer than usual just from the pregnancy.

I can hardly believe I'm already 6 months! I do feel like I've been ripped off this pregnancy. The first two were so much easier, so I expected the same, but this time the first trimester I was so nauseous and it went into the second trimester and now, when it is supposed to be easier, I am getting heartburn already so the nausea is back! So much for an easy, breezy second trimester. But I can't complain really. My "difficulties" probably just make me more average compared to everyone else, who deal with at least this if not worse.

This baby doesn't seem to kick as much as the others did, but likes to tell me she's doing allright in the evening or nighttime. I go for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, so that is something to look forward to. I feel so much less prepared in a way for this one since I had so much more ready with the others. I was doing projects, making their baby books, painting their clocks. There is no way I'll have any of that done before this one's birth, but at the same time, I have a newfound peace that none of that is really important. I'll get it all done someday and if she's 6 months old when it happens, she won't know the difference- unless you tell her! Thanks to having two babies already, we have all the baby stuff and even girl clothes. We are all expectant and eager to meet her. My schedule will be more freed up. Mom is coming for the birth. We have a ton of love, smiles, and sibling affection waiting for her grand arrival. I know it will be an adjustement and that it will be new to know this brand new person, but I keep thinking it will be easier than having the 4 kids with all the same ages (or nearly). We'll see, I may change my tune come Jan.
So what signs of fall can you detect where you live?


GMS said...

We are going down into the 40's at night and trees are turning orange/yellow.
Maybe I can find a leaf or two to mail to you!

Ian said...

It is below zero at night now in Saskatoon; the leaves have turned on the green ash and are falling off. We are still getting up to + 15 C in the daytime. It feels like will will get snow soon. Are you sure you want some of our weather?

Andrea said...

The leaves are turning into yellow, red, orange, brown, and a mix of all those colours. The wind is going and we have rain, loads of it. The temperature drops to below 10°C and over night we get a, uhmm...not frost but if it's wet it's a bit frozen. However, no snow till at least November and if we are luck October will hit us warm and sunny again.

Ian said...

we have had a reprieve! The temp got to 26 degrees today which is about 10 degrees higher than normal. I plan on digging up the potatoes and carrots this Saturday. And I went back to Judo class this week. The ducks and geese are gathering and farmers are finishing up harvesting. Are these enough signs of fall?