Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Heard from Ivan today:

"Thank you mommy for NOT making potatoes tonight".

"Thank you for the sausage, the cereal, the eggs, the bread, the peaches, the pears..." (and on and on). Brian and I split up to do errands. I needed to get groceries and his phone died, so he had to get a new one, so we each took a kid. Ivan who missed the groceries, helped me unpack it all and thanked me for each item (even the potatoes).

I also discovered that Dominique is the instigator that has turned grocery shopping from a fun adventure to a pain. The kids used to be so great at the store, but for the last while, they fight the entire time and want to walk- which means they want to run in the aisles and touch everything in sight- not a good idea or try to climb out of their seats. Tonight, Dominique did well until about half way through and then she squiggled and squirmed and tried to crawl out and did many other gymnastics that were not helpful in trying to get us out of the store in a timely fashion.

Before we went to the store, we stopped by my friends and Dominique played wonderfully with her kids, which Ivan would not have done. He would have wanted to stay on my lap the whole time, whereas his sister went upstairs by herself to people we don't hang with a whole lot and enjoyed being with other kids.

It all makes me wonder what this next baby will be like.

The pics are from a trip to see our friend Mary in Anson. We go with our friend Wynetta. The videos are of the kids "reading" the story of the good Samaritan. Ivan almost has the whole thing memorized verbatim. He amazes me. And I love the drama he puts into his "reading".

I haven't asked a question in ages, so here it is: what is your favorite hot drink?


GMS said...

Hot tea with sweetener & flavored creamer, right now it's "pumpkin spice".

Andrea said...

HOT CHOCOLATE! With milk please not with water. Wasn't too hard to guess, eh? If I eat Sushi I love Jasmin tea with some sugar in it.

Nana said...

Coffe with my flavored creamer. My favorite is Creme Brulee. I like to try the new flavors but I always come back to "C B".

@mber said...

Tim's coffee

Ian said...

Ivan is pretty good with the storytelling. Fav. hot drink:
tea with milk and sugar added.