Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little personalities

The kids often surprise me. They are learning more and more how to play together without me having to initiate a game or activity. Of course, it is never very long before they are fighting over something, but those first 10 min. of cooperative play is so incredible!

Dominique really cracks me up. Last night we went to some friends who live out of town for a music jam night. Dominique was dancing on the stage when a moth joined her enthusiastic waltz. It didn't take long for her to catch the poor creature and for the next 20 minutes or so, she walked around with her pet moth. It was still alive, flapping it's wings, trying to escape and she carted it around to everyone to show them her exciting discovery. Ivan would have never picked it up in a million years! He did get a thrill out of playing his daddy's bass though and was the first to initiate cleaning everything up. Then he was diligently trying to figure out how to haul everything back into the car. He is such a thinker and I'm glad my first is such an organizer and neat freak. He helps me tons!

Here is a video of Dominique singing the "Bob the builder" theme song. In case you can't catch the words it says: "Bob the builder, can we fix it? Yes, we can!"

Yesterday was pretty exciting. One of my friends found out that a birth mother chose her and her husband to adopt her baby. She has lost several babies and it has been quite a roller coaster to find out when they will be chosen. Their baby is due to be born the 1st of Jan., so our babies will only be a couple of weeks apart or so. They are so filled with joy and we are so happy for them too.

Kids are just so incredible. I often gaze at mine and just wonder how they can be! Here they are this feeling, thinking person, in a little body with so much wonder and love to give. They are a part of me, yet their own person. They are such a vital part of our lives, have transformed our world and hearts. They are truly gifts from the Father of heaven and earth and we are so thankful for them. As our 3rd becomes stronger in her punches and kicks, it reminds us that she is going to join us before we know it and it makes us wonder who she will be and what all we will learn from her.


Davis Family said...

Well - if your new little girl is like our new little girl you may not get a heck of a lot of sleep at first!
But - I hope that is different and that your new addition is a wonderful baby!

Nana said...

Great song and costume Dominique! Ivan, you are becoming a real organizer like your dad. He's a great role model for you. We are ll anxious to me the new little sister. Love, Nana