Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween week

It's been a bit of a busy week.  I'll have had 2.5 days of subbing this week.  It's a bit crazy going back and forth like we do-- but nice in lots of ways.  It gives Brian, Emora and I all a change and sometimes change can bring good too.  But the change has also meant less mommy and Emora time and therefore less pictures!  Plus I've found that I've been very delinquent with pictures... but there may be a few to get off the camera yet. 

In the meantime, Brian got these ones from a hike he took the kids on.  I find myself needing more down time with being in the schools some, but thankfully Brian has stepped up to the plate.  We juggle who has Emora, who cleans the bank at night and who cooks supper all depending on if I go in for a sub day or not.  It seems to be working out ok, but will be even nicer once I get my first paycheck for the year.  My first sub day this year was Sept.16th- right when a new pay period started, so we are still waiting to be financially rewarded for all the days I've put in.

I was hoping to try to skip out on the Spookarama festival this year.  The kids also had their activities that night, so I thought we could get away with not going, but when the kids came home from school, there was no stopping them- they wanted to go!  Brian said he didn't mind taking him and I thanked him by cleaning the bank that night.  They came back so excited about all the fun they'd had and I was thankful- because I just didn't have it in me to go.

Tonight, we were carving pumpkins- total fun and getting seeds ready to roast, trying on costumes and putting them where they can be found tomorrow.  I'm subbing Friday, so I don't know if I can convince Brian to cook and puree up our pumpkins that day!!  That may be beyond the unspoken list of trade-able jobs.  My usual is to stay up late halloween night and get it all cooked, pureed and frozen, but we may have to just stuff it in a fridge until the weekend.

I think this is possible the absolute most boring blog post I've ever written- so I better sign off before it gets any worse!!  Hope you are enjoying the week.

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GMS said...

Not boring at all!
Good to keep up!