Friday, October 18, 2013

Returning to the land of the living

For the first time in about 3 days, I feel a bit human again!  Wow- that was some crazy cold/flu.  I'm seriously hoping that no one else in our house gets it.  I've literally been asleep since Monday after school.  Last night I stayed up from after school until 9ish, other than that, I've only lasted up 2 hours maximum!  I got hungry for the first time today.  I thought that was a good sign too.

So here of lots of pics of our brief visit to Saskatoon.  I hope none of them get the flu/cold either!  My throat was just scratchy while I was there.  Dad asked the grandkids if they wanted to go fishing.  It was time for him to take in their goldfish for winter.

The rest of us were mostly just cheerleaders, but the sunlight was awesome.  Dad in the trenches.

John and Jenn soaking up the sun.

Brian got a little walk in a time or two.  I didn't even make it around the acreage once!  But it was a quick trip this time.  We got to see my cousin Lin and her family Sat., but I notice that I didn't pull my camera out that night.

Dad had 7 big fish to pull out and then we found about 20-30 baby fish.

I'd thought of bringing some home with me, but the next day only about 10 babies remained and I thought maybe I shouldn't mix them with my fish ;)

Brian was marveling over all the huge rocks around the house- oh yeah, we did haul all those in from farmer's fields during my teen years!!

AND there was not a single tree on the 10 acres.  I used to COMPLAIN about planting all these little twigs in the ground and having to water them and hoe around them.  Mom said I'd appreciate them some day.  Well, some day is now.  Note to my teen self- you could not imagine all those years of them growing, but they did and it's lovely now.  Of course Ivan wouldn't be able to imagine it.  I should have showed them the pictures.

John helping look for baby fish.

I'd meant to look at old photo albums while we were there, but there were all these people to hang with and even play a game or two... take pictures, ok, lots of pictures.

Love my cute nephew.  He talks so much more now.  He still runs away from me when I try to get my hugs, but I'm still faster ;)

Here was a big fish.  Andrea's parents (or grandparents?) also have a fishpond in Germany so she was not squeamish at all. (Andrea is my sister in law at left).

Mom checking out the last of her garden still holding on.

Emora's catching on quick.

I love the halo the sun made in Imogen's hair.  This is my wonderful niece!

We were mostly spotters and let dad pull them out of the cold water.  He had to go slowly to not stir up the muck and to sneak up on them.

He was either having fun or enjoying the attention or some of both?  Or he's a MacLeod and has learned to smile for the camera.

Mom picking some of her flowers.

Here's my brother who is going to be a DAD!  wow.  I've known it for a bit, but it was still strange to see him and think in a few months (about 5) he'll be holding his firstborn.  So happy for him and exciting for us to be adding a new person in our circle to cherish.

I did get to rub her belly.  So lovely to be expecting.  There's no other gift like being parents.  What an awesome journey.
ok, back off to bed... my throat is hurting again.  ugh ugh.  Brian is taking Ivan and his friend to the city for his birthday and I'm thinking Anne of Green Gables marathon sounds about right for us girls.

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MacLeodofSaskatoon said...

I'm thankful that you were able to share thanksgiving with us this year especially since we will not be together at Christmas.