Monday, October 21, 2013

Loving 40!

Here are some more pics from our quick trip to Saskatoon for Thanksgiving.  I finally got a day with Emora.  It seems like forever since we've had good time together.  I subbed for nearly a full week, then we went to Saskatoon, I subbed one more day and was sick for half a week, so it was a huge relief to have the day off with her today.  I had hoped to convince her to get out in the kayak.  She had her heart set on skating, but we did that yesterday and can go Wednesday, then it started snowing....

and I realized that I'd procrastinated too long.  So Emora and I were wrapping our newly tiled picnic table in plastic, picking up sidewalk chalk, sand toys, chairs, bikes and a million other yard stuff and getting it shut up for winter.

With our big garage, I did keep some stuff back like the chalk, skipping ropes and mini golf set that they will be able to do in the garage- which Brian has made into a pretty cozy man cave.

So we got cold, got hot strawberry milk and read a billion books which is our next favorite thing to do while we tackled all sorts of house to dos- like laundry ;)

After being sick so long, it is so refreshing to feel human again!  Saturday was fun.  Brian took Ivan and his best friend into the city for lazer tag and supper and I got to watch Anne of Green Gables with the girls.  It was so fun to hear their questions and to get to talk about things as varied as life "back then", courting, feelings, our own history...  Then the boys came and they wanted to watch too- their comments and questions were just as cute and sweet.  I've always loved how I can identify with that movie differently as I get older and am watching from different perspectives each time.

So far, on day 2 of being 40, I love it.  I've got an amazing family.  I feel free to be me and not have to strive for things that don't satisfy.  I am thankful that I was invited to work out regularly with some ladies.  It's still not the same as access to a pool, but it gives me that adrenalin that I need to be alright emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We are so blessed and fortunate in a million ways.

We are slowly making friends in Fort Qu'Appelle.  Yesterday, I got to take the kids skating and we had some people over for deserts- and it was helpful to see that we have gotten to know a few folks a bit- there are people who mean a lot to us and who are a support to us.  Hopefully us to them also.

It's good to be closer to all the kids' cousins so that they can build all these memories together.

I appreciate my kids so much and love to find out more and more who they are and who they are becoming.

It's pretty fun to share a birthday and get to celebrate milestones and love where we are in life.

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