Friday, October 25, 2013


Mom and dad during thanksgiving weekend.

I vividly remember getting this rock from some farmer's field.  We used to go rock picking- because we are fun like that.  Seriously, mom and dad and us trio kids would go in the suburban, drive up to some farmer's field and ask if we could have rocks from his rock pile.  That was in the days when farmers didn't realize that rocks were potentially profitable.  They gladly let us haul away anything we wanted.  That is what dad used for landscaping and keeping the dirt in place along the sides of the house and in our ditch.  BUT dad didn't just like the manageable rocks- like 50-100lbs monsters.  He would always spot some monstrosity and figure that we needed it.  I remember this beast taking us hours to get into the van.  He used a giant pry bar and 2x4s as ramps and our 5 person manpower (3 of whom were kids 12 or 13 and under).  Once we got it to our acreage, we had another huge deal trying to get it out of the van.  We would ride back from our hauls going super slow- because there was way too much weight in the suburban- the back riding low to the ground.

When he pulled this rock off with the front end loader of the tractor, the weight of the rock busted up the tailgate-  but was it worth it?  Look at the memories it generated, the beauty it displays FOREVER by the entrance- and a great picture spot!  I'm sure there are a 1000 metaphores in all that-- but I'll leave that up to my cuz- Sheena!

The expecting parents- Andrew (my brother) and his wife Andrea.  So fun to watch them going through those fun days of preparing and making space in their hearts and lives for a baby.

I really like this pic of mom- you look so happy and relaxed mom!

Mom and dad and the grandkids thus far.  This was not an easy pic to get and the best semblance of a group shot we could get---

I mean, just look at who we had to work with!!

This is the pic they wanted to make!

Our contribution to the family mayhem...

My sister Jenn, her hubby John and their gorgeous kids!  Love them ;)

Brian and I planted one of these trees in our front yard.  I hope it learns to look this nice when it gets bigger!

Remember how I said that it's hard to get a serious pic with these people as our subjects!!!

Hey karate kid!!  Ivan is wanting to try for his yellow belt this year.  Maybe his sister can lend him her new headband ;) 
So far both girls are saying they want to do karate too-- we'll see.  It sure would be nice to have a simpler schedule!  Maybe Brian or I would take it too.  The Sensei has a great rate as you add family to the class and it wouldn't cost any more for us parents to join in too.

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