Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beautiful days...

It's a good thing that I still have lots of thanksgiving day pictures, because I think I've only taken 1 picture on the camera since then!  That's un-MacLeod, but I've just been going about my days and barely even grabbing the camera.  Some days are not particularly noteworthy, although we had our first snow and I didn't even get images from that before it melted.  The kids were so excited and built a very muddy snow man- whose head immediately fell off.  Emora was sad there wasn't snow again a few days later.

The sun has come out most days and so that is gorgeous with the leaves all colorful and shimmery.

Our planted trees have their own beauty.  The one in front finally got some color and went a little redish and one in back is full of yellow.  They will be really gorgeous once they get big.

Meanwhile, I've been subbing for my cousin some and getting to know her students a bit.  Emora is not very impressed because after subbing a week, I was sick a week and we didn't do anything together.  Then it was trying to get house caught up-- so today we finally got to do something fun (apart from going skating or to gymboree or Story and Rhyme Time- which she didn't count as "having fun"- those are just regular events we go to).  We painted today and then she was invited to go for a playdate-- so I got an errand or two done- which I know she would have hated and worked on a shelf we are trying to finish for all the winter gear.

I had Brian make me a three box shelf.  Our former system for all the winter accessories was not working much anymore, so we will hang this above their hooks, where in principle they hang up their coats and put their boots, that is on the few occasions when they don't leave them on the floor, in the doorway, or hidden in obscure corners that you would never look in at 8:30am when it's time to go to school.

Here's "master Brian" who tackled the house and kids while I was MIA and sick and while I was subbing.  It's good to have to switch spots now and then.  He realized what my day really looks like ;)
I've nearly survived my first week of being 40!  It's awesome!  I highly recommend it.

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