Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Dominique is loosing teeth left and right.  Her bottom ones aren't fully in, a top one is gone and the next one is loose.  I'm about to have to puree her food!!  She's pretty proud of growing up.  She lost this latest tooth at school and reported that there were 3 girls in her class that lost a tooth that day- and her friend Natasha and her lost the same tooth.  They are also partners in dance, so they'll have to smile lots to show just how much effort they went to to look alike!!

Ivan and I celebrated another birthday together.  We always take a picture with him on my lap and us sitting at the dining room table with our birthday cake.  My lap is quickly running out of room- we didn't really think through this pose when he was days old and we'd just brought him home!  Since it was my GRAND 40- Brian took Ivan and his best friend to the city and for a sleepover instead of a party.  Brian used the excuse that I should enjoy a quieter weekend I guess.  Sunday evening I got to invite some friends over for deserts- ok, so most of my friends also come with kids- that is the joy of it too of course.

It was nice to get to see such wonderful people and to be celebrated too!!   I felt very spoiled.

It helped me remember the special people who have endeared themselves to us and that we do have a support group and people that we enjoy spending our lives with here.
Yeah- for 40 (me) and 9 (Ivan) years!!


Nana said...

You and Ivan's yearly "birthday picture would make a great collage for his 21st birthday!

Ian said...