Saturday, October 05, 2013

fall photos

The School Community Council sponsors a super affordable photo shoot for families every fall- so we signed up for another family photo this year.  Brian and I like to go low key, but apparently we have fancified kids.  Ivan wanted to wear his wedding clothes, so did Dominique and Emora the one who likes to buck the system decided on another fancy dress in her closet.

So that left me and Brian having to kind of dress up to keep pace with them!

We were having troubles getting our smiles on.  I think we'd partied too hard the day before.  We'd had the day off from school AND Brian had the day of of work- which never happened all summer, so we went crazy!  I had Story and Rhyme Time that morning and the girls went with me.  We got some new library materials and went home to play a game of Settler's of Catan.  That wasn't all that great because we had HYPER kids who were just wanting to get on the road for....

our trip to Yorkton.  We'd planned to go to the fancy Yorkton pool.  They have painted walls and 3D decor like a plane and giant Canadian geese over head and a train coming out the wall.  2 pools- one with a rock wall, diving board and swim lanes and the other with a wave pool, a "river" float, various sprays and a huge waterslide.  I loved the waves and so did Brian.

Ivan's favorite part was all of it!

Emora really liked the waterslide- which she went on by herself over and over.

Dominique also loved it all.  Then we went for super out- which we very rarely do.  We went for chinese food at a place Brian and I found last Dec.  Then we drove back home (about an hour) and went to the Koops' for a musical end to our evening.  There were fiddlers and guitarist and stickist, tamborinist, shakerists and listenists.  I was a listenist.  So we were all a little beat come Sat. morning when we were trying to get our smiles on.  Thankfully the photographer did great and we got some cute pics.  We kept the best out of this viewing so that we can share it with you all at Christmastime.

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GMS said...

Can't wait to see the "official" ones.