Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sorry I've been out of commission

Last week, I subbed all week.  Then we went to Saskatoon to celebrate thanksgiving with my family, then I've been sick pretty much since we got back.  Like horrible, live in a cave and can't hold my head up sick!  But I'm on the mend, so I'm thankful for that.  And also that I wasn't sick over the weekend!

So I have lots of catch up to do.  It was time to go through clothes and pull out bigger sized fall and winter clothes and when we did, we discovered that Dominique was given a shirt that Emora got (handed down from Dominique)- so they can be purple twinsies.

We got a "Flat Stanley" in the mail from our friends in Texas, so we got to take him around and show him Fort Qu'Appelle and fall time here.  We made him a scarf to keep him warm since it was right at freezing when he got up that morning.  Emora and I took him to the high school where we borrowed a yearbook.

Then we took him on a nature walk to see the fall leaves by the lake.  We gathered up some leaves to send back with him to Texas as momentoes too.

Ivan was away with a friend that day- harvesting beans I think it was!

Emora picked flowers and we saw a caterpillar and porcupine quills, butterflies and pelicans.

We found a trail down to the lake and explored around there for a bit.  So interesting how the landscape can transform just after a few steps down a trail.

I love the way the sun shines so bright and soft in the fall.  Here we were checking on Stanley's flight schedule home.

Showing him an "old building", not old by Texas standards, but for us it is.  This is the Old Hudson Bay Company store- one of the first businesses to be established in Canada.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour. 
Next up.... Thanksgiving weekend pics at the MacLeod acreage ;)

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