Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Little bits and pieces

We got to go out to the Muirhead farm not so long ago.  We got to see the sheep (don't have a pic though- oops) and the old chickens and new chickens and the sun setting in the trees.

Here's my cousin Ian who married up as he jokes.  Janet is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so thankful for them and their trio of kids.  One of the best parts of subbing in town is that I get hugs at school.  At the elementary, I can get quite a few- from my kids, the cousins and from other kids who know me.  And in the high school, Moira- good girl that she is- always gives her aunty a hug.  It also gets her lots of stares since we look as different from each other as anything and not everyone knows I am her "aunty".

Whenever there is a baby around, Emora wants to hold him or her.  My baby likes to be the big girl every now and then.

Here is the view that makes me happy when I drive into the garage all winter.  Brian got my kayak hung and we've now gotten enough life jackets for everyone.  I discovered that I love garage sales sometimes.  We had one adult and one kid jacket (that fits all three of our kids).  We also had a youth life jacket (thanks mom!) and I scored 2 more jackets- an adult one and a kid one- for about a buck each!!  The last couple of weekends, I've been able to get out in the kayak and in the lake for a swim too.  I've discovered that kayaking does get me exercise, but there is just nothing like the feel of swimming.  Even doing exercise in the water is not quite it.  Once I actually lift my feet off the lake floor and am floating- a smile and joy always wells up in me.  So I'm so so thankful for my wet suit.  I just wouldn't be able to get in at all this time of year.  It is getting colder and colder, so I'm not sure if there are more days yet before the snow falls, but in the meantime, I know it will be here waiting for the thaw again so we can get a head start on the swim season.

I've been gathering up a little sampling of rocks from my outings to keep as memories from my swims and kayaking to remind me over winter of all the fun we've got under our paddle ;)
Our kids are always surprising us with their abilities and humor.  Dominique has the most precious notes for us, but this one gave me the best laugh.  My first ticket and from my own daughter!  She laughed and laughed, but assured me that "jail nomber 26" is the nicest room in our house- my room- in other words, I was sent to me room.  Nice indeed ;)  I should have asked her if I get room service.  I could get used to that punishment!

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Great memories and cute, too!