Sunday, April 14, 2013

No bullying allowed!

It was pink shirt (AKA anti-bullying day) and Emora had a couple of friends over.  They all dressed in pink of course and I told them to pick a picture for me to paint their faces.

We also made up and recorded a song about anti- bullying:

" Pinkalicious, pinkalicious, Don't Bully Me!  Pinkalicious, think- I have feelings you see!  You're no different than I am, come on let's be friends again.  Pinkalicious, pinkalicious, Don't Bully Me!"

And if you don't get the words, you can understand this!  In Texas, there was a slogan- "Don't Mess with Texas" (an anti littering campaign).

And speaking of no bullying... we think winter has been here long enough and has overstayed it's welcome.  Things are slowly melting- which is good because flooding is a serious concern with all the snow we've had, but even while the hills are diminishing, we have more snow coming!  Seriously- enough already!  So we made us a snow lady in bikini and a sign to tell winter we'd had enough and to tell spring to come already!

She's a wee bit cold out there!

It's fun to see the neighbor kids come check her out.  She's not very visible from the road since our leaning tree is in the way.  I like how she seems to be rising out of the snow.

We are trying not to be total sour pusses.  The frost in the morning has been totally breathtaking and the snow falls are gorgeous big, fluffy flakes and it's not all that cold and even the air smells like spring, but yeah, after 7 months, we're ready to have grass again and dream of kayaks and beaches, planting a garden and soccer...  So come on Spring!


Nana said...

Now those are some cute little gators!

Anonymous said...

Creativity will always get you through winter!
Love mom