Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Last skate!

Ivan and his class got to go skating for a school outing.  I went and helped tie skates, then Emora and I joined them on the ice.  Here is Ivan with his bed friend Konomu.  He's always happy to be with Koh.

I saw a game in a kids' magazine and thought I'd make it and laminate it.  While I was at it, I figured I should put another game on the back.  And I know people are collecting pennies for all sorts of causes, but we've kept some back, because they are great for games and will never wear out.  Where else can you buy 100 lasting tokens for $1?  We painted one side with nailpolish.  Now you can play as pink, blue or copper.  We could have painted another side for another color too.  We've had lots of fun with our new games.

This one is called "nine men morris" and is a more complex "tic, tac toe" game that was once played.  You start with a blank board and 9 tokens each.  You can either place a player or move a player for a turn.  Each time you get three in a row, you steel a piece from the other player.  The loser is the one that gets down to only 2 pieces first.

For other entertainment, you don't need a board, or tokens, just a toothless brother and you'll be terrorized for years with the image!

He said his upper gum was sore the other day- please may it be a tooth!  It took forever for him to loose teeth and now it's taking forever for them to come in.  He's had a toothless grin since last July!  Poor boy can't bite into an apple, corn on the cob, pear...

We'll be heading back to the Fort soon... Ivan has playdates made already and the girls will want to play some too with the last of their Easter break.

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