Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Ballerinas competing and winning 1st!

Here is Dominique and her group of little ballerinas with their ballet teacher.  They are all bunned, make-upped and glitter sprayed.  It was Dominique's first time to be on stage dancing.  She has only been on stage twice before this and that was with her school class for the Christmas concert.  I was so very nervous for her.  I kept telling her if she just remembers to smile, she will look great- at her Christmas performances, she looked terrified.  We talked about how the lights would be bright, but that I was out there cheering her on.

Arwen also performed that day and we got to watch her and Victoria do their dance routines also.  We had caught a ride with another family in our group, who were heading back right after the dance, but then we saw the cousins and were having so much fun we decided to stay with them and watch performances well into the night!

It's a bit of a tradition to buy the dancer a rose and since this was her first ever competition, I had to get her one.  There were reds and pinks and I lucked out because this one smelled so heavenly.  We kept taking whiffs of it all night.

It was a bit of culture shock for us at the performing arts center- as this was our first time to a competition.  The dance world has it's set of rules and ways of doing things and we are still totally unversed in all of that. We do have lots of friends and cousins though to help us figure things out.  Dominique said she LOVED being on stage, so we may be doing this for a while- and unlike the Christmas concerts, she had the hugest smile.  You could tell she enjoyed performing.  Emora is already asking when she can get in!  We'll see.  Daddy hasn't seen Dominique dance yet and he is the one with the most reservations about it, so she'll have to dance convincingly at the town recital in a month or so to really show him that all the drama, costs, fundraising... is worth it.

oh yeah, they placed 1st at the competition!  So she was doubly happy for that!


Nana said...

Congratulations to Dominique and her dance class on a successful 1st prize win. What is it, "the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint"! I think she is hooked but good. Hope you continue and enjoy each and every success!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dominique, You have a taste for the arts,
I know from you were very young that you will always succeed at what you put your mind to.
I am so behind in catching up on my mail but I enjoy reading them. I can almost smell the rose from here although it would all be gone by now.
Love mom