Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our prima ballerina

Some of the neighborhood kids were playing with make-up this summer and we gave Dominique a strict "no"- I know- so mean!  But we did tell her there will be make-up for dance.  Considering that we've already paid out the wazoo for her dance- so so so ridiculous! I decided that I was not buying make-up in her colors on top of it all- besides the video they sent us was saying to use neutral colors and I figured I had enough old stuff to do her up.  The one really off part was my foundation on her -but Victoria- our dance expert told us the little kids don't have to use foundation- so yeah- dodged that bullet!

She HATES getting her hair brushed out, but with some tears, we finally got it in.  It's a little crooked, but this was our practice session.  Poor girl, she loves her long hair, but has a really sensitive head.

Brian (and I) were hoping to convince her to try karate next year instead of dance.  We'll see if it'll work, but as she got all fussied up, I was realizing that it will be hard to make karate tantalizing when she can look like this!

I had to admit, she does look amazing and so graceful.  She really does love the ballet.

I couldn't decide which coloring option I liked better... natural or brighter colors?

This is the week for her group photos to be taken and also this weekend for their first competition.

We will travel to Regina with a friend of her's also in the group.  I may need tissues.  I can't believe she is grown up enough for this!

Brian and the rest of the gang will come see her in Fort Qu'Appelle for the final recital.

There is a tiara that goes with the outfit too, but her dance teacher is holding on to them for safe keeping.

I love how the light shimmers onto her from her sequins.  Shine little gem of ours- we love you and are so proud of the way you get out there and try new things, are brave and face difficulties with elegance.


Nana said...

I so remember when I was her age, having dance recitals and performing at the San Diego Count Fair. Many years ago but still fond memories. It does warm my heart to see our "little princess" interested in some of my favorite activities. Let's think about Tap!

Nana said...

Dominique, you have the ballet princess hairdo.