Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dancing cousins

Although Dominique really likes dance, she likes a lot of things:  yoga, soccer, skating, girl guides... she's had opportunities to try out little bits and pieces or do 6 week sessions... she likes it all.  We love karate- and had thought maybe we could lure her over to that discipline which is WAY nicer on our pocket books, but now that she has put on her overpriced costume and gotten to wear make-up and be a part of all the hoopla with her beloved cousins--- I'm not so sure our arguments for karate in lieu of dance will hold much luster.

It is neat to see the older cousins sharing their love with Dominique.  Her first competition is this weekend- in fact, as this posts online, she will be taking to the stage for her first ever dance in front of others.  I'm excited and a bit nervous for her.  One of the things I like about dance is that it teaches them to have confidence and be able to stand in front of others with courage and grace.

Even if they fall or forget, they learn to get up and face their fears with strength.

I wonder how her future will look as one is starting out and the other at the end of her dancing time as a high school student.

So thankful for all the lovelies in our lives and for cousins who have forged a path before us, for the Muirheads introducing us to the valley and their friends, to the Koops for their insights and connections through the Outreach.  We've come in making baby steps and are making them still, falling down, stumbling along, but perhaps we can learn to twirl and leap in the place we now call home.


Nana said...

it really warms my heart to see our little princess excited about ballet. I was involved in ballet and tap when I was her age. Great memories of performing for school programs and San Diego County Fair and any other place that wanted to give us performing driven munchkins an opportunity. Hey, dressing up in costumes and make up was pretty great also!

Nana said...

Not only does Dominique have the ballet hairdo she has the body of the "sugar plum Fairy"!