Saturday, April 06, 2013

Easter weekend hunt and fun

The kids and I went to Saskatoon for part of our Easter break.

There was some egg hunting and card sharks.

I had thought that we were all well, but Emora ran a fever a couple of nights, so we stayed low, trying to get well and not infect anyone apart from the immediate family who all came out for lots of sleepovers, games and movies.

We mostly stayed indoors, so it's nice that mom and dad have such a big place to accommodate all of us and so that the kids can still have lots of fun without feeling claustrophobic.

We had some bunnies and ate a cake in the shape of a lamb- thanks to the family baker- Andrea.

Also, thanks to Andrea and her mom for REAL German chocolates!

Someone kept feeling better in between her fevers!

The adults got to hunt for chocolate too.  Here I am with my make do basket, some fake "eggs" and my real sister.

Yipee for cousin time!  The girls got lots of sleepovers.

where are our chocolates?

oh yeah, a lot of dance parties.  Dad's computer was the dj.

Ivan had special time doing errands with grandpa Ian and playing cards with Uncle John.

So fun to get to play a ton of games and learn some new ones and laugh and learn about our personalities.  Ivan stayed up WAY late this night while the girls had their sleepover.

We are on our last couple of days off.  I'm now fighting the cold the girls had.  It snowed again yesterday, which was discouraging, but the melt will come some day!!

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