Monday, April 08, 2013

Reading and weirdness

So I'm picking out pics from our time in Saskatoon and I notice that this next upload has a lot of pics of reading.  So I'm looking at the other pictures-- looking for a pattern- aha- I see it- we are WEIRD!  Yep, there you have it, no earth shaking news, because if you know me, and I hope if you are reading this that you do, than you already knew that I was weird- but now you can see that  I come by it honestly.

Isaac, my nephew found my dad's hockey equipment.  Later he was wearing the gloves too.  They were about the size of his entire arms, but the helmet was actually a bit close to a fit!

Yeah, it's not just the kids.  All kids are weird some, but in our family, it's the adults too, or maybe they are also part kid?- which I think is very awesome by the way.

I kept thinking this bed was a princess and pea bed.  They about needed a ladder to get up there, except for the fact that kids can climb anything.  When the girls had all three sleeping together, we put the top mattress on the floor because it was a long fall and too dangerous with 3 vying for space.

Jenn was reading the book she wrote after her firstborn passed.  She had written it as a way to share Gordon with her future kids and now here they are talking about Gordon and remembering the brother who has gone on before us.  Time heals in a way, but there will always be that place in us that longed for him and is looking forward to being with him.

Grandpa has read a lot of books over the years and still can't refuse a little eager one lugging a book over to his lap.

This one is the queen of giggles.  We have a container of pennies (in Canada, pennies are being discontinued- we aren't getting them at banks or going to use them anymore, but we saved some for game pieces and who knows what else we will use them for).  Anyways- Emora said "those pennies that we can't use... they just don't make cents (sense)".  I don't know if she heard the joke somewhere or made it up, but it was hilarious hearing it from my little 4 year old!

AHA- proof that he did more than just the wii during his break!

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you. The banks and business places still have to take your pennies but you will not get any back from them. I still have lots here. I should have the kids gather them up when we are all together this summer and then we will take them in for real money! how is that for an activity? Love mom