Sunday, April 07, 2013

Outside fun at the acreage

Since it's April 7th, the calendar says we are in full swing of spring and it's SNOWING outside- AGAIN after it snowed a couple of days ago and they are predicting -13 C at night temps, then I figure I should post some happy snow pictures- because we are in NO WAY bitter about this ;)  Actually, I told Brian, it would be quite beautiful if this came in November.  The temps aren't bad, you can smell that spring is trying to come, the snowflakes were big, fluffy and wet, but it's a little hard to really dwell on the beauty of it all when we've all had enough!  I decided to try coaching soccer this year and we had a meeting tonight to get the players on teams and it's just a little hard to picture us running on the fields at this point!

This branch is actually about 5 or so feet above the ground.  There is no way a kid could get up on it in the summer, but with all this snow, they can just climb aboard!

The girl cousins enjoying the sunshine.  OK- the optimist in me is noticing that at least the sky is blue and not white/grey!

They were wanting a ride on the snow shovel and watching a game of target shooting.

Ivan brought his bow, arrow and target that I'd made him for his birthday.  He let me take 3 shots.  I lost 2 arrows in the snow.  But if/when spring really comes, they'll show up!  We tried to go looking for them and got waylaid in snow up past my knees and decided this was not only ridiculous, but impossible.  sorry Ivan!!

The guys were being very careful with everyone staying behind the line.

Those things really do zing by with speed.  They're only wood, but I wouldn't want to get hit by one either!

Ivan really enjoyed his special times with the guys... doing errands with grandpa, staying up late playing games and target practice.

So here's to a weird start to spring... hoping summer will make up for it by giving us lots of warmth and to a terrific soccer season.

I've got Dominique's team and there are huge age differences in the team (just 2 years, but we've got kindergarteners up to grade 3 with how the years fall), so we'll see how it goes, but I think we'll really enjoy the season and it should distract us from being upset that it's too cold for our liking!

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Kimberley said...

Our snow was all gone, but we got another 3-4 cm last night. Grr.