Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emora's room transformation

If you are on facebook- sorry for getting this double!
We started with Brian scraping off the acoustic on the ceiling.

Then he painted it "Utah blue".  I started freaking a little at this point, the blue is not what I'd imagined.

Had some "helpers".

We thought this was a pretty orangy yellow, but lo and behold it's screaming yellow, intense, loud, insane yellow.  At this point, I was really freaking out.  Brian was saying it's fine and no you can't add white and blue or whatever else you are thinking, we got it we're using it.  Meanwhile Emora was dancing and exclaiming that she loved it!  oye oye!

I was really having to give it over and be at peace with it, because I was now seeing that these colors are insane and what I see in product packages.  I was thinking it would be elegant and a bit more serene.  I'd copied the colors from examples on the net from a wedding, a classy living room, a chic house... but somehow, it wasn't giving me the same vibe!

Obviously lighting changes everything.  This is still that yellow wall, but with the butterflies, it actually fits!

I tried a new technique with the clouds.  I like my old way better, but this blended nice with the walls since I added a lot more color to the clouds than I ever have before.  I also wanted to break up the clouds, so I flung white on them.  That made me happier ;)

All done!  We still need to put gloss on them, so they don't get wiped off, but I'm waiting until they are good and dry and need to buy some more gloss.

Emora helped out some of course, but only how and when she wanted to!!

SEE- I told you- industrial yellow- her room is the same color as the broom! ack!

These curtains came with the house, only they didn't darken the room enough and they looked grannyish to me, but now they match her room perfect!  They glimmer blending with the white trim and have little flowers on them.

My sister sent a package of 3D butterflies with Emora's birthday gift.  They were gorgeous in white, but Emora kept saying she wanted them colored, so we tried painting one and it was really beautiful.  The paint worked great on them and I let Emora paint some too.  These were no fail butterflies!  Even when they ran, it just added to their appeal.

All done- I should have taken a pic of her whole room set up, because her rug is perfect with this room now and her bedspread and stuff... I'm glad I didn't mess with the colors after all!  Best of all, it pleases the little 4 year old and it's done!!  We can try to return the household to somewhat sane.

I painted this a couple of years before I moved here and am shocked now at all the symbolism.

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