Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas/New Year whirlwind

Since school let out, it seems like we've been in a whirlwind- not an unpleasant one, but so much going on!  We got to packing and went to Saskatoon for nearly a week.  There were some with colds, so that part wasn't fun, but it's always so fun for the kids to get together and we got to have a night of games.  The kids worked on a quinzee with grandpa Ian and guess who was Santa this year?  The kids all got to sit on Grandpa Santa's lap for pics in the mall.  He's going to send me the files, so I can share them (ahum ahum- hint hint- dad).

Isaac- the youngest of the clan, has grown so much and it's fun getting to know him.  He and Dominique hit it off as she read him several stories.

These two were having a blast too- as you can see.

The only major mishap was when the tree fell over.  It made a dramatic crashing- glass shattering sound and mess.  Thankfully none of the kids were under or near it!

Future reader- keeping up with the big cousins.

Emora and Isaac were having fun too- playing with new toys and toys their parents played with as kids!

It's such a treat to all get to hang in one location comfortably. 

The Wallaces (my sister, her hubby and 2 kids) spent lots of time at mom and dad's with us.  My brother and his wife also spent the night Christmas eve.  With small kids, it's a bonus to spend the night, so that we don't have to race home.  We tucked them in and then got to have adult time visiting or playing games.

I love it that Isaac is letting us have hugs and kisses faster than he used to.  It used to take time for him to get used to us and then we'd be heading home just as he was getting comfortable, but now he'll let me grab him right away!

I got to see my cousin Lin and her daughter and son some too and the kids got to spend some time with Jac!  So cool to have play times together.  I must be in the "older" category now as we got to tell them how it was for us to grow up together.  Lin and I had lots of years and memories together and so it's nice for our kids to be closer now and get to see each other from time to time.  We both had to move about 24 hours drive closer to each other for this to become a reality!

We came back to Fort Qu'Appelle Christmas day so that we could unpack, do wash and get ready to welcome Nana and Papa who came from Texas for Christmas.  Today we got to take Nana sledding for her first time ever!  We also enjoyed celebrating the New Year with the Koops' and Muirheads.

Hoping this year will bring us much joy and peace, for us as a family and for our community.  May the year bring you many joys and fulfillment as you make your way through months, year and events that come your way- whether they be quiet moments or grand plans, may they be filled with fullness and well being.


GMS said...

I wish and pray the same back to you. I know you are enjoying the seasons and being closer to parents, brother & sister.

Olivia said...

Wow! It looks like you had so much fun! We miss you and love you all.