Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emora's party!

When I asked Emora if she liked a princess or butterfly theme better, she said she liked both-- so they were butterfly princesses.  They decorated a treasure box, a tiara and butterfly body for their loot back that looked like a butterfly (thanks to pinterest).  We had several games- princess bingo which I'd made for Dominique's party, some races and musical games and a treasure hunt with jewelry prizes for their treasure boxes.

It was fun, but birthdays always surprise me.

No matter how simple it seems, it is always a lot of planning and exhausting!

I told our guests not to worry over gifts and that we are great with recycled/passed on toys/treasures.  It was the best.  The kids shared some of their loved toys, brought homemade cards and some bought stuff too.  They were really, really generous!

Although they look like they are quite a bit different in ages, the girls were all 4 or 5 years old.  Alana- in the orange dress is actually the oldest of the lot and kept telling us how OLD she was ;)

It was great though because they all got along marvelously and enjoyed the games.  With Ivan and Dominique, they are so close in age that they can "share" the same friends-- but I feel like Emora is always having to play tag along- so it was nice to have kids who appreciate and are at the same level as her to enjoy the same games and activities with.

The only sad part was that Emora's cousin Lanelle was sick and couldn't make it. Her heart went out to her cousin and as soon as the party was over, she was using her new colors and paper to write her cousin a note- "mommy can you write- Lanelle, It's ok, I'm sorry you had to throw up. You're welcome". 

Hope you are having a great weekend!  I'm going to go paint a bedroom now ;)  YIPEE- I love color- although I'm a bit anxious to see how the colors look on the walls!


Ian said...

Thanks for the update.

Nana said...

It is nice that she has several friends her age available to "party"! They all look like "fun" was the name of the day!

Flo said...

sweet pictures and sweet kids :)
your pictures atmoses fun and harmony!