Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RCMP museum

The same day we went to the Royal Sask museum, we went to the RCMP museum.  I hadn't been to it in ages.

It's all new from when I'd last been there.

The kids liked it a lot too.

They even got to dress up!

I think that part was their favorite.

I think my grandpa drove one of these Bombardier things to take kids to school if I have the story right.

Gotta pose like the mannequins.

On other news... Dominique had her first spelling test today and she was so excited!

She was especially excited about the bonus words.  All the words were 3 letter, one vowel words and then as a bonus:  animal, alphabet and around!  She studied and studied!  It was so cute!

Ivan's getting so much better at getting to his work and focussing- even though he'd much rather be playing lego!

Or doing some "real" work- like building something with his dad.

So far the year is starting well for us and we're thankful for that.  

We were without a fridge for half a week, but were mostly just inconvenienced with that.

The weather is being so crazy!  Minus 20 one day and melting the next!  Warm and windy one minute and snowing like crazy the next!

These 3 have their ups and downs too- as we all do, but I'm so thankful for them and enjoy them so much!  Little treasures they are!

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Nana said...

They are "treasures"! Love each of our 6 so much. could never pick out one over the other. They all have their own personalities.