Monday, January 21, 2013

Idle no more peaceful protest and blocade

Idle no more is a group that started up here in Saskatchewan recently.  They arose out of frustrations at how the government is not honoring treaties in Canada and is pushing legislation through that overturns treaty agreements.  They are for environmental issues and First Nations' rights and for giving a voice to those who have been so poorly treaty for generations.

I'm not very good at understanding politics, this is just my simplified perception.  But there is a movement in Canada.  There have been walks, and rallies and flash mob round dances, blocades and hunger strikes to raise awareness of issues that have been stewing for far too long.  We live in a community with a high percentage of First Nations people and we wanted to stand with them, walk with them, show our support that we hear your pain and we are asking the government for change, healing, reconciliation, right relationship, a relationship of honoring each other and building on our strengths- together.  There was a call in the states- "no child left behind".  That phrase echoes in my thoughts here often.  There is a significant part of our society constantly being pushed aside.  It's time for ears and hearts to be opened- to recognize our common past and move forward- together.  So as a family (minus my kids in school), we got to participate in a small way in Fort Qu'Appelle.  In the above pic, Emora tried on her cousin Arwen's mitts made of real fur by a First Nation's friend of theirs up North.

Here are the horses that led the protesters.

This was where we formed in a circle to do a round dance- temporarily blocking traffic from the highway.  It was so beautiful.  People in Fort Qu'Appelle were very honoring- from what we could tell as we walked anyways.  Horns beeping with waves, teachers brought out hot chocolate, people coming out of houses and businesses to wave and show solidarity.

In the back of the truck were the singers with drums.

I love the look of the mom's face to the right.  May unity come, may peace come, may the calls of the people be heard on receptive ears.  Give us ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts of compassion.

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