Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I see from my non-existant photos that I need to #1 take pictures and #2 upload them.  We haven't been doing much eventful anything, and the weather is so weird, we don't know if we are coming or going.  A day (or 2?) ago, it was so nice out and sunny- but I couldn't convince Emora to go for a walk or outside for anything.  To her credit, I've told her and her siblings to go out to play and that it's nice out- not having realized that there was a nasty wind and she came in crying that she was cold.  So there is a trust factor that I have to recognize here!  She is enjoying playing with and making friends lately- so that's been nice.  She loves her "programs" as she calls them and is generally a great helper with all I do.  I had the kids help clean the house this weekend and realized that I've trained her better at cleaning than the others!  This hasn't been intentional, but during the day, part of the time, I clean and she wants to help, so we do it together.  My big kids didn't have a clue as to how to clean the bathroom.  It was a bit of work for me to be teaching them and keeping them on task, but wow, the house got cleaned and we had time left in the day to play! ;)

Emora and Kayda were having some time together and Kayda asked her mom if they could play on some techy thing they've got.  Her mom said no, so they made their own (ipad?) and "played games" on them.  Emora made one for Dominique also and wrote her name on the back of it.  And no, this picture is not reversed, she wrote it from right to left, but I was quite surprised that she could do all those letters!  She read her first word the other day while we were at the optometrist's office ("up"), so yesterday we made a book for her with words and pics of easy things where she can flip the caption with different sections... I guess I need to take a picture of it, too hard to explain... 

We need to go skating tomorrow.  I hope I can get her out!  I've been missing skating.  There is a new recreation coordinator and I don't know if that is why, but they aren't posting public skate times on the weekend anymore and that was a highlight of our week, so I need to get out so that we can find out what is going on and plead that we get an hour on the weekend back again!  Dominique really loves it and is the only time she gets to skate!

The kids were driving me batty tonight, but then things settled down and went well.   I think we are all suffering from cabin fever.  This winter has been so wiggy and we are not getting out enough.  I'm already dreaming of spring and a kayak and swimming in the lake... ahhh, some day it'll come!

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