Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emora turned 4!

Emora was quite excited to turn 4.  She doesn't show her enthusiasm with exuberance, but you can tell she is proud of herself and excited with the attention she is getting.  First, I finished her portrait.  Then each of us got her a little something as a gift for her actual birthday day.

Polly pocket, lego friends, a memory game- we love LOVE games and some doll furniture the right size for the girl's polly pockets- which I am actually not a big fan of!  Their clothes are very tiny and easily lost and easily cried over-- these many losses!

She had a party while the others were at school- to the huge protesting cries of the bigs.  The theme of the week was "life is not fair, you get to do things she does not get to do, would you just be happy for her already!!"  Something like that...

Actually, in some ways, this little trooper has gotten the short end of the stick.  We've not always had parties for her, she got a rug for her birthday our first year here and this year she gets a room transformation.  The others did not have to wait for a birthday for that.  We had to paint their rooms with the renos, so they got to pick colors from the getgo.  However, Emora's room was functional and not overly hideous, so it was never a priority to paint her room how she would like it.

And to complicate matters, Emora doesn't have distinct color preferences, so we've had a hard time figuring out how she would like the room painted for the next decade or more!  Ivan has favored green since he was a baby and Dominique has always loved pink, but Emora is our rainbow girl- so we have gone with a butterfly theme.  I found a great web site where you could pick a room and then try out different colors on it.  The room had similar colors to Emora's bedspread, so we tried various ceiling, trim and wall colors.  I'd been leaning toward doing a blue ceiling with clouds (I miss having a room with clouds and Emora likes blue quite a bit).  I'd thought to do green walls as something different, but as we got looking it all looked so boyish to us.  So then she suggested a purple sky- there were some examples of that on the internet... then she kept choosing cheddar cheese orange for her walls.  I'm not kidding!  So we did a compromise.  I went a few shades lighter on her cheese orange/yellow for the walls with a blue sky.  It was close to some of the color samples we saw on the internet.  I was thinking more of a yellow color, but I did want her to be able to "choose" as loosely or strictly as you can with a 4 year old!  I did promise her some orange butterflies in the mix.  She is very excited to watch our progress.  We've moved her downstairs to the guest room, where she had a sleepover with her siblings already.  It feels nice to get to spoil her some too- especially since the others had their special flourishes in their rooms for a couple of years already.

What did your room look like when you were growing up?


Nana said...

Easy, unfinished! Furniture, unfinished wood. They were always going to paint it, but when I moved out at age 20, still unpainted!!! Ang, can you understand my need for color? I've made up for lost time!

Kimberley said...

Happy Birthday Emora! I'll always remember that you were born when we were on vacation.

I look forward to seeing the finished room.

Anonymous said...

Ange, I remember your room my first try at integrating very dark colors. Yes I was influenced by a lady who invited me to visit her in Wales. I was never fond of antique colors but her house was beautiful and bright with antique furniture and bright yellow decor. I fell in love with it. Hence your room in Yellow and black highlights.