Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nana and Papa visit part 1

I've finally uploaded the pics from Nana and Papa's visit.  They came the day after Christmas and left a couple of days ago.  It was pretty cold their first few days there, but we went to the rink where it was warmer indoors and they got to see the trio skate and join the walkers for some rounds around the rink.

We also got to go sledding a couple of times.  Papa said that Nana had never been sledding before in her whole life!  Glad she got the chance.  She was quite the trooper.  Papa grew up in Ohio, so he'd been sledding before, but not for a while I bet!  Just look at all the things having grandkids lets you do!

This little stinker was being too chicken to go down.  Of course all the other times she would be in front and get a face full of snow, so she'd decided she wanted to sit on the side, get cold, then demand for me to take her home.  But once I got her warm in the van, everyone else was ready to go too and have some hot chocolate!

Anyone in there?  Can you see Papa?  He got a purple bruise on his eye lid and we thought it was snow or ice that hit him from sledding, but really, how did anything manage to hit him?

Whose's the driver?

Another fearsome duo!

I liked this pic with Ivan's arms around her.

All smiles!  It's always nice when the sun comes out and the sky turns blue.

a race!  I had to get another sled.  They had a sale and our big one is starting to thin.  It has been 2 years and Emora's main transportation to school as well as sledding!  Now we have enough for everyone to have their own, if Emora will brave it.

I like the little workout we get going up!

Look ma- no teeth!  ha ha, he was already like that before he went down.  I did look online to see if it's normal for his teeth to take so long.  He had to wait 'till grade 2 to finally lose a tooth and now his new ones aren't wanting to come in!  (His bottoms are adult, but the top ones fell out in July and nothing has broken through the gums, but one site said it can take a year for those top teeth to come in).

We've been using some new techniques with Ivan and it is really helping to have more peace between us.  He is having a much better attitude about school, so that's awesome.

It's been an adventure since Nana and Papa left.  There were terrible roads the morning Brian drove them to the airport, then the temps dropped, we got a huge dump of snow and our refrigerator stopped working!  The good news is that he drove carefully and they got to the airport without event, we have a warm house and working vehicles, we got exercise shoveling and pushing the van out of the alley when it got stuck and we have the biggest deep freeze just outside the door.  However, I'm looking forward to the fridge being fixed- hopefully soon and easily!!

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Nana said...

Hey Ivan, I didn't know you played hockey. You have the look of a hockey player!