Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trip to the city with Nana and Papa

We went to the Royal Sk museum in The City- as we call Regina, when we are from smallish town Sask- as I guess we are.  Love this museum.  It's amazing!  and Free! Some day I may even get to read some of what they say!  The kids pretty much rip through it at a fast pace, but really if you didn't, you'd be there all day!!

This was at the entrance and the pic made me laugh- looks like some cat creature is about to attack Emora.

So much to see and take in on Sask history, geology, animal, plants, ecology...

My favorite part was the huge section calling us to environmental responsibility.  It is done in an artistic way and Ivan was asking what it all meant- but instead of telling him what I thought it meant, I asked him what he thought it was saying.  He didn't come up with much, but it's fun to try to get him to see beyond the physical to the meanings behind things.

We watched a video about tanning hides the traditional way.

The scenes they set up are so fun.

It was great to read about plants I've seen all my life and never knew what they were or what purpose they had in the greater scheme of things.

There was some game for kids to play- but we didn't have time to do it.  I think this flag went with the game, but it's always part of us!  We are part Scottish, Norwegian, Jamaican, Canadian.  From Brian's side, she added English and American to her pot pourri of cultures.

Some ladies were telling us about this wolf and the other animal furs here.

We made a quick run by the legislative building and after all that went to another museum!  The kids did super awesome!  I was so sure that we were filling the day too full for them, but they did great!


Anonymous said...

The kids were really good on our outings.

Nana said...

Add Irish to the mix. We have the "drinking Irishmen" on my side also. A lot of our people coming to "the new country" were not generally the classy ones.