Thursday, January 17, 2013

more winter fun

Emora has gotten brave and skilled enough to attempt her first glides on skates without the bar.  Here she goes off support!

This was our second excursion of sledding.  Several minor injuries resulted.  It was very slick!  The weather here is being very bizarre this year- lots of warm days, lots of snow, and windy- so things are icy:  streets, highways, hills.  It's caused some havoc since a lot of people commute around here.  Dance class has been cancelled a lot.  I saw an optometrist in town and she said they've had to cancel a lot too.

This day, we went on a walk along the road of the house Brian is working on.

It's a nice walk as it winds up over the lake and is closed off to traffic.

Someone is getting ready for a birthday!  She dressed up in Dominique's winter clothes and about made me cry!  I told her she could turn 4, but not be school age grown up yet!

Papa and Saba bonded over the holidays.  He misses his dog and Saba was glad to get the attention of going on walks.

This puzzle is harder than it looks!

Wow- Emora let someone brush her hair!  I think grandparents must have secret powers.

I remember seeing our neighbor at the acreage create this giant Moose for the city of Moose Jaw when I was a teenager.  Also in the back is one of the snowbird airplanes.

Who knew that Moose Jaw has the prettiest library ever?  It's in this huge old building and the foyer is all marble.  The library is spacious with lots of great sections and materials and very helpful workers.  We loaded up.  It's nice to be able to get some things that may not be available in town.  LOVE LIBRARIES!  Me as a pre-teen would be so shocked with me now!  I used to HATE reading with a passion and now I'm a bit addicted.

OK, so the puzzle's not quite done yet, but the most important parts are in place!

Ivan got to go skiing with his class today.  He was so excited.  He offered to make his own lunch last night.  Unfortunately, he still didn't make it off the bunny hill- but maybe some day he'll get up on the lift!  Glad he had tons of fun!  Next year Dominique will get to go, and Ivan traditionally masters a new skill the same day his sister learns it, so maybe next year he'll try to show off for her and make some leaps and bounds! I think we are going to take him to a trial class of tae kwan do this weekend.  It would have been nice if Judo were offered in town, since that is what the rest of my family got into and since that is more a defensive sport?  I think.  I really don't know anything... but Ivan's cousin and best friend are in Karate, so he's been interested in it too, but I'm not committing to driving him out of town, so we'll try this and see if he likes it.


Ian said...

Great idea for a puzzle. It is great to see your children trying and triumphing over new activities!

Nana said...

We did have fun trek-ing out in the snow. The snow and wintery feel was great, but it was nice to get back to warmer temps and a little color. I can appreciate Ruth saying she needed to get away for a couple of weeks in the winter. I guess we all feel that way, we need some change.