Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer festival and Christmas concert

Look what we found on main street.  These critters were hanging out with a guy in red with a sleigh.

The Reindeer festival is held at the high school.  All three of my kids decided the reindeer races were their favorite station.

Ah ha!  no wonder- look who's running in the halls! Personally, I liked the suped up hot chocolate and ice cream bar!

Entertaining ourselves at the full house- packed Christmas concert.

Little miss Big Eyes herself.

We were far back, so everything I've got is pretty blurry.  Can you spot her?

You shouldn't be able to miss our big guy between his friends- the twins.  He was so "put out" because he had to hug one of them- yeah, we all know he was secretly pleased.  This is the same girl that gave him a smooch last year-- I am SO in trouble if he reads this!

Time to deliver some of these presents to Saskatoon.  Looks like a fire hazard to me!

And my Christmas cactus is putting on a show.

I don't really remember owning this, but when we moved back up here, mom said it was my plant that I'd left with her.  It sounds like something I would have done, since you really can't move plants between countries.

It is pretty fun to have something blooming for our anniversary, Christmas and the New Year.

Hope you get to enjoy lots of wonderful family time.  We're about to hit the road- so nice to only have to go 3 hours!  We don't even need the dvd player for that amount of time ;)  There's a santa in the mall there we have to see, oh yeah and family- or is he family too??  hee hee

I haven't asked a question in ages!!  So what is your favorite Christmas memory so far this year?

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Nana said...

My Christmas cactus is in full bloom also. It really looks beautiful. My favorite memory for this Christmas? It has to be that all of our activities went off without a hitch. AND we have really been able to enjoy the holidays this year. Oh, we were able to get clothes and Christmas gifts all packed and ready for Wed. Oh I hope the TSA are going to be in the holiday spirit!!!!!