Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reap the fruit of unfailing love

Here are the kids doing some of the activities during camp cousins.  They liked the stories and lessons best when they are told by puppets.  I had packed some, but then used them last minute and forgot to repack them, so it was a good thing that Jenn also has puppets in her house to use!

I think Emora was eating cherries here, I don't remember exactly- but she sure had fun!

The kids each painted their way of seeing the fruit bowl my sister had set up for them to do still life paintings.  I was surprised when Dominique made a blue background for her, since it reminded me of a picture my aunt (my mom's sister) had done.  We found it down stairs and loved how similar they were!

The kids setting off to paint.

All the versions were so cool!  From left to right "bowl of fruit" by Dominique, Isaac, Emora, Imogen and Ivan (he did an aerial view).

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GMS said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fruit paintings. Good idea to start them young to express themselves through that medium.