Monday, August 27, 2012

Last week!

We just started our last week of freedom I mean, summer vacation.  Unfortunately a fair amount of it was spent feeling out of sorts with sickness or being quaranteed, but we still managed to get in the cousin reunion, swim lessons, time at the beach, camp cousins in Saskatoon and recently a trip out to Motherwell farm.

These pictures were taken quite a while ago, when I decided to take the kids for a walk, up by the Koops' on what is now a blocked off road that borders the lake.  It was so pretty and the kids enjoyed the adventure, we took Saba with us too and Brian got to join us for some of it.

The girls wanted to explore.

I wanted to take pictures.

Ivan wanted to work.

Here is the bouquet we gathered up.  I had wanted to have another beach day before school starts, so with the warm showing up sunny today, off we went to the beach.  I forgot that the water is GREEN at the end of the season.  Dominique totally didn't care and I got a swim in anyways, although just a short one.  I didn't put my head in.  Dominique did and came up totally green and covered in slime.  I don't think our swimsuits will ever be the same... but I so love the sunshine and laughter, the sand and water.  Although we spent the least amount of time in the water that we ever have at the beach, they still had lots of fun eating a picnic, playing on the playground, and running in the trees, rolling down a hill and being somewhere different.  I got to read my novel.  It was pretty great.

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GMS said...

I would have loved to see a picture of a green Dominique.
Glad to hear you got to enjoy the beach one more time but I remember I didn't like the green slime.