Thursday, August 16, 2012

How many water pictures are too many?

These are actually pictures from 3 different occasions.  The girls are totally loving being in the water and it was good for the big kids to be in lessons this year.  They really improved, and it was even more evident at the pool.

I'll probably put Emora in lessons next year.  She is getting more and more comfortable in the water and at a pool will go under water and try to float.  She is not as impressed with the temps in the lake, but seeing her adventurous sister makes her want to get out there too.

This day the water was GREEN- sometimes it's full of algae, sometimes it's clear in the morning and then gets murky by afternoon or the reverse.  Not sure what all makes it like that because it can change in even a few hours!

I got some good pictures of Ivan's toothless grin.  I don't even see the upper teeth breaking through the gums yet, so he may look like this for a while and I'm sure will even lose more teeth while these come in.

It may be funny to see the grade 3 class pic, with so many kids missing teeth!  I can just barely remember not having teeth and most of the memories are about ways I didn't want them pulled out, not the actual feel of not having them.

It always helps Ivan if he has a cousin at the beach to join us, so we nabbed the lovely Arwen one day and headed out.

The beach also had afternoon activities offered for the kids.  Sometimes it's sports or crafts.  This time it was a scavenger hunt and when the girls had finished they discovered that there was a prize!  Free slushies across the street!  So we told Arwen and Ivan to go do the hunt too and then we all got treats!

I don't remember the name of this beach restaurant, but I was telling Brian it may be a good cheap date-- they had poutine and burgers on the menu too-- Brian's favorite foods!

Most of us got blueberry flavor, Emora got watermellon and Dominique- cotton candy flavor.  So refreshing.

So instead of leaving at that time, we got our second wind and didn't leave until nearly supper time!  We didn't want to leave then either, but we'd run out of food!!

This is from yet another occasion.  We met up with Kate and her grandson in Regina to go to a spray park.  I lived with Kate and her family for a semester while I was at school in Regina, and they've always had a special place in our hearts and lives.  She's offered us her hospitality and home to claim as a base in the city if need be.  Brian has even been able to go and get showered up after work if he's in the city and has band practice after. 

Kate has been dabbling in art some time now so she and Larry were excited to come up and stay for the midsummer art's festival.  She is the one who linked Brian up with his band, so she knows all of them.

I'm hoping there are a few more hot days to summer as I haven't quite had my fill of swimming, although I'm sure you have your fill of swimming pics!

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