Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Negligent blogger returns!

Most of my pictures are beach pics, since we were back at the lake finishing up lessons again.  We are now done lessons, but the girls beg to go still everyday.

Dominique is a fanatic for the monkey bars.  She ripped a big blister into her palm then cried when I told her not to do them anymore.  She didn't listen and did some more on an apparatus the next day (she said they weren't monkey bars, and they weren't really, but may as well have been because she ripped open her palm again).  I have now bought her "monkey bar gloves" (gardening gloves) in the hopes that it will allow her to monkey around without aggravating her ongoing injury!

Emora had to have a go at it too.

She swings from the side then calls me to help her get across.

Ivan getting a piece of the action.

Ivan and Dominique were so excited yesterday.  They got to go with Dominique's best friend Sierra and her dad Tom on their motor boat.  Tom showed Ivan how to use his fishing rod.  He caught a log and one fish and lost one lure.  All in all a great day!  They told me all about jumping from the boat and swimming in the middle of the lake and then from shore.  Apparently it was a bit windy and Ivan told me that when they went full blast, the front rose up really high.  Adventures indeed!

Speaking of which, I took the trio on a walk with Saba down a road that is no longer in use.  I like to walk there as it's alongside and above the lake.  Dominique found an intriguing spot in the trees and just HAD to go exploring.  Ivan the cautious one was trying to convince her not to go in, but then had to follow her not to miss out.  He was anxious to get out of the place as it was "creeping him out".  Later he found some wild raspberries, so he was excited about that and then he found some 6 foot high weeds in the road and decided he needed to trample them down.  Now I couldn't get him out of there.  The boy had "work" to do!  He then found a huge branch that he wanted to carry back (more work).  Too bad I can't convince him that his "school work" is just as thrilling!  Emora is happy to tag along with either one's hairbrained ideas.  She's up for adventures at the beach, in the trees or a work bee with her bro.
And since her hunger strike, she is so much better at eating now!  No more battles at supper.  She will still not eat everything, but at least she is choosing some things to eat.

Ivan still had his other front tooth in this picture.  I'll have to post one of the pics showing the big gap he's got now!

We have a whole lot of busy ahead of us.  Lots going on this weekend and a trip to the city for supplies tomorrow, so we'll see if I can post before the kids and I head to Saskatoon for a week.

Also, our home line is down until Tues!!  So we are only available by cell phones, until they figure out that prob. but at least the internet is still working for us!  It may actually be a pleasant relief since well over half the calls are sales.

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Ian said...

If you listen to the end of the sales call, there is usually a prompt that allows you to block further calls. If it is a live person you can request that you be put on their "Do Not Call" list. This is what we have done and it helps tremendously.