Tuesday, August 21, 2012

races and parades

Mom and dad had just gotten half their driveway asphalted.  It was absolutely perfect for sidewalk chalk.  After our activity, they got creative and since we were also spending considerable time watching the olympics and since Ivan likes to compete- especially since he is the biggest and has a huge advantage, the kids set up a race track.

This of course is the "fenosh".  I've acquired another ability as a parent of early graders whose school teaches the kids to sound out their words.  You have to read phonetically- did you get it?  the finish line of course, but since English is such a crazy language, we are often playing games figuring out what they have written in notes to us.

Isaac is still working on his runner's pose.

A little pre- race rivalry.

I loved their life sized chalk people.

We also get to take in some fun "city" activities while there.  We went to a parade and while Fort Qu'Appelle does actually have a couple of parades a year, none of them have this...

The steam operated organ!  I remember it as a kid- only then it was pulled by horses (??) or maybe a tractor (??) or it drove itself too (??).  Who knows, but I remember it being a part of every parade.

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