Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Saskatoon pics

Another activity from camp cousins that Jenn started last year and we thought was a keeper- was to journal each day about what we had done and learned.  The females of the group enjoyed this more than the males who- the oldest of which wanted to know when he could go outside and shoot gophers.

He may have been writing about those gophers here.  Last year, he made the gophers a sign for them to stay away, but I guess he'd thought that was warning enough and he was very anxious to get to exterminating them.  He did get to shoot arrows one night with grandpa and other cousins who came out to dad's "shooting range" (a couple of targets in the field).  It was cute because they adjusted the bow and Ivan still couldn't shoot it.  We finally figured out that his arms were too short.  Mine weren't though and I got to try dad's bow and my cousins.  I got "scoped" on my first shot- which means to be brutally hit in the eye with the scope.  I had asked them if it would hit me, and they all said no, except they had forgotten to tell me about the scope part!  At least it didn't give me a black eye!

Although the tea party turned out to be quite fancy, Ivan was not deterred, there were scrumptious things on that table and tea too!

 Saba tried to get in the act too.  Brian came up for the weekend too and brought her along as a surprise for the kids.  Saba loves the acreage and tea parties.

This is Jacalyn who had gotten a henna tatoo at the fair.  She is right inbetween my two oldest in age, so she gets along great with both of them.

After tea time, it was time to swing, roam and Isaac hugged trees.

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jenn with two n's said...

So glad you took these pics. They are lovely. Glad to see that Emora did have a HAM moment at the tea party--the pic with her big eyes made me chuckle. Also love the one of Isaac pushing the swing, Jac's tatt, the leaf...Beautiful! Imogen is already talking about crafts and things to do for next year's Camp Cousins. I think we have a hit on our hands. Love you.